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Say hello to rēnu's Resist Pak! Get a power packed oral medication containing vitamins and minerals that may help enhance your immune response delivered straight to your door! Learn what's in the Resist Pak, how much it is, and how to get yours below.

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Resist Pak benefits

It's important that you do everything possible to remain healthy, especially during cold and flu season. This contains vitamins and minerals that will help boost your immune system. The Pak contains oral medication with several supply amounts. Check the details of the package below. Here is a brief list of rēnu's Resist Pak Benefits:

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    Boost your immune system
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    Reduces the Presence of Illness
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    Easy-to-take Oral Medication
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    Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season
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    Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals
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    Fight Zinc Deficiency
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    30-Day Supply Options
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    Fast Recovery From the Flu
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    Improve Your Immune System Regulation
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    Overall Health Boost

The rēnu Resist Pak

The rēnu Resist Pak is $60 plus shipping and handling. To grab your pack, you must complete our easy consultation process over the phone. You will also receive instructions on how to properly take your Resist Pak.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid is a form of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that fights bacterial infections and helps detoxify the body. It helps to boost and strengthen your immune system.

(Dosage = 500mg)

Zinc Sulfate

Zinc Sulfate is a compound that helps with those who have a Zinc deficiency, and to help prevent a Zinc deficiency. This component helps your immune system regulate correctly.

(Dosage = 250mg)

To learn more about Resist Paks and get your order started, call us directly at 919–301–8708 and we can work on getting your order in the mail. You can also follow the link below to fill out our consultation form and start the process that way.

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