rnu med spa offers dermaplaning Raleigh services. Enjoy rnu med spa Specials to perk up your skin only at rnu med spa, Raleigh, NC. Residents of Durham, Garner, and Cary will be happy to know that we are located only at a short distance from the medspa. A dermaplaning treatment smoothens out your skin and makes it look fresher and brighter. However, you need to prepare before coming in for a dermaplaning treatment. You must know a handful of things about this skin treatment before you visit us to avail of our...continue reading

Not feeling like you're looking your best because of heavy bags under your eyes. We know how difficult these can be to get rid of. Check out these tips from rnu med spa.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated provided multiple benefits to your body but surprisingly may also help to decrease those under-eye bags. Considering upping your daily fluid intake to 9 cups for women, and 13 cups for men, per day. Drinking herbal tea, sparkling waters, and eating fruit also helps with hydration!

Retinol Cream

You may have used retinol cream in the...continue reading

Hydrafacial Cleansing

Hydrafacial cleansing not only improves the appearance of your skin but actually repairs and restores your skin to its former youthful and healthy skin. Depending on your skin type Hydrafacial Cleansing will require specific treatment and monthly maintenance. Our staff at rnu med spa will help create the right treatment plan for you. This treatment is pain-free and hydrating!

VI Chemical Peel

This safe, medical-grade procedure is safe for all skin types. Able to be applied to more than just your face, this...continue reading


Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting

No matter what we do, we all have those pockets of fat that just wont go away. So stubborn are these pockets of fat that we think the only way to get through them...continue reading

Laser Removal

Top 5 Questions About Laser Hair Removal

It's no secret that it can be a pain (literally) to keep shaving and waxing. Thats why many people are now turning to laser hair removal. So, before you book your next...continue reading