How Does reVive Light Therapy Help with Pain Relief?

How Does reVive Light Therapy Help with Pain Relief?

Physical pain is something that all of us keep encountering throughout our lives. Overexercising, accidents, and maintaining incorrect body postures are only some of the ways through which pain can be caused, and when it does, it has the potential to become a long-term problem if it is not addressed quickly.

While there exist numerous treatments for pain, one particular treatment that has become popular in recent years is the reVive Light Therapy. It is one of several therapies that we offer at our Rēnu Spa in Raleigh, NC. In modern times, countless residents of nearby towns such as Durham, Cary, and Garner have benefited from our therapies, and you can too. Before you visit our medical spa Raleigh, NC, read on to know the positive role that light therapy can play to give you relief from your pain.

Enter infrared light therapy

Two of the most commonly used light therapies are red light therapy and infrared light therapy. While red light therapy is mostly used for treating skin conditions, infrared light therapy is used to treat pain. The difference lies in infrared light’s ability to penetrate the skin and reach the source of the pain. After the light waves reach the source, they enhance blood circulation and promote cell regeneration. As a result, muscle stiffness, soreness, aches, and pains are greatly reduced.

Remember, humans cannot see infrared light, and during infrared light therapy, you may think that the LEDs are not emitting anything. However, before you even know it, the light waves would have reached your cells and started their work.

Some of the conditions that infrared light therapy can treat are:

  • Knee stiffness and pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck stiffness and aches
  • Wrist conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Soreness in the feet
  • Aching hands
  • Ankle sprains
  • Upper back pain

For the most effective treatment, patients are recommended to repeat sessions at least twice every week, until the pain completely subsides. So, if you’ve understood how reVive infrared light therapy can help in treating your pain, visit us at Rēnu Med Spa in Raleigh, NC, and schedule an appointment. We are always eager to serve the residents of not just Raleigh, but also the nearby towns of Cary, Durham, and Garner.