What to Know Before a Dermaplaning Treatment

What to Know Before a Dermaplaning Treatment

rēnu med spa offers dermaplaning Raleigh services. Enjoy rēnu med spa Specials to perk up your skin only at rēnu med spa, Raleigh, NC. Residents of Durham, Garner, and Cary will be happy to know that we are located only at a short distance from the medspa. A dermaplaning treatment smoothens out your skin and makes it look fresher and brighter. However, you need to prepare before coming in for a dermaplaning treatment. You must know a handful of things about this skin treatment before you visit us to avail of our dermplaning services.

Dermaplaning is an Ancient Skin Exfoliation Technique

Performing dermaplaning on your skin removes any hair from the skin and also successfully drives away dead skin cells. A blade is stroked against your skin, which gives the desired result. Japanese women have been using a similar method for ages now. They believe it to be an effective anti-aging solution.

You are Advised to Book a Consultation with Us before Treatment

You must seek professional advice on whether a dermaplaning treatment is right for you before you choose to have it performed. Usually, the treatment is safe and does not involve any complications. However, it is advised to have a prior consultation before performing any exfoliation procedure on your skin. 

Try to Avoid the Sun as Much as Possible from a Week Prior to Treatment

Imagine shaving your skin on top of a sunburn. Painful, wouldn’t that be? The blade used by professionals for a dermaplaning treatment is at least ten times sharper than the one you would be using at home for skin exfoliation purposes. Try to limit your sun exposure 5-7 days from treatment. Sun exposure makes your skin cells more sensitive, and the dermaplaning treatment more painful than it needs to be.

Postpone your Dermaplaning Session if You Notice Acne Pop-ups

No dermatologist is going to go ahead with a dermaplaning session on a patient with open acne or lesions. We don’t want to be using our blade over fresh pre-existing wounds. If you don’t postpone your dermaplaning treatment with us, we will have to step in and make that decision for you. Why suffer the embarrassment? Save us both the time and effort, and call in to reschedule on your dermaplaning treatment as soon as you notice acne lesions popping up. 

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