Spring Clean Your Skincare Shelf

Cleaning around the house is essential and while you’re at it, you should make sure your skincare shelf isn’t left ignored. Here’s what you can do to spring clean your skincare shelf.

Deep clean the shelf and its products

Wipe your skincare products with antibacterial wipes and ensure to take out every product from your shelf at home. Clean the shelf thoroughly with soap and a glass cleaner – shelves are usually left out from the cleaning plan, but it’s good to make sure you’re cleaning them at least once in the season.

Check the labels on skincare products

Check the labels for your skincare products for expiry dates and get rid of those that have already expired, regardless of how expensive they were. The products, after all, are going to be applied to your skin, so why would you want to use anything that has expired?

Get rid of what you won’t use

You can also check the products to see if you’re actually even using them. De-clutter your shelf by getting rid of products you’re not using and won’t ever use. You can even gift products that you haven’t used to someone, provided that they haven’t crossed their expiry dates, of course.

Switch up your skincare regime

You can upgrade to better skincare products if needed or just cut down from overusing products that serve the same purpose. Mixing too many products isn’t good for your skin, either way, so select what you’ll use and stick to the essentials. It’s also a good idea to change your SPF for the season depending on your skin type and the extent of protection needed. Having a sunscreen that can offer protection to your lips, hands, and body will ensure you’re not left with sunburn in these areas, so don’t neglect your sunscreen.

Place the most used products in front

For easy accessibility to the products you use on a daily basis, place them in the front of your shelf so that you can save time when you’re trying to get ready. Also, be sure to keep serums that come in dark bottles out of direct exposure to sunlight to make the best use of them.