How to combat dry skin

How to combat dry skin

How to combat dry skin

At rēnu med spa, Raleigh, NC, we have several clients come to us for the treatment of dry skin, which is a common concern during both the summer and winter months. When you take the time out to nourish your skin on a daily basis, you can eradicate and prevent dryness altogether. We at rēnu med spa have gathered a couple of simple tips that ensure you have the softest and most hydrated skin throughout the year.

1. showers and baths

A lot can go wrong in a shower or bath that leads to dry skin. To combat the condition, remember to close the bathroom door. Limit the time you spend in the shower to 5 or 7 minutes. The water you use on your body should be warm and not hot. Also, use a gentle cleanser that won't strip away the skin’s natural oils. Apply enough cleanser to clean your skin, but avoid using so much that you end up with a thick lather. Don’t rub yourself dry with a towel; instead, gently pat yourself dry. Slather on a good moisturizer within three minutes of drying your skin.

2. Use a hand moisturizer regularly

Use a moisturizer on your hands immediately after drying them off – every single time. Hand lotions that contain jojoba oil or olive oil are extremely beneficial to the skin on the hands. Lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin, petroleum, lanolin, and mineral oil are other moisturizing ingredients that soothe dry skin.

3. Use a gentle, noncolored lip balm

The lips are prone to dryness, especially during the cold, winter months. A healing lip balm that does not contain color can be used several times during the day to ensure the lips stay soft and supple.

4. Wear gloves

wear gloves when using your hands in the garden, walking outdoors during the winter months, performing tasks that get your hands wet, or working with chemicals and other substances.

5. Add moisture to the air

The air tends to get dry during the winter months. At these times, the lack of moisture causes the body to lose more water through the skin. So try smearing water droplets into the air using a humidifier.