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As we age, the dermal layer of our skin thins, less collagen is produced, the elastin fibres which provide elasticity wear out, and all these changes in the scaffolding of the skin cause it to wrinkle and sag.  In simple terms – our skin loses laxity and texture as we grow older.  It becomes loose, it sags and lines & wrinkles appear.  Think of it like the scaffolding of a building if it were to rust, weaken and become unable to bear load or maintain flexibility – it will eventually sag and collapse.  Very simply, our Plasma Pen device is able to significantly tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin. It is a cost-effective & highly compelling alternative to all other medi-aesthetic procedures you may know – including injectables, fillers, microneedling, laser, mesotherapy, dermabrasion and chemabrasion and most (if not all) elective cosmetic surgery procedures.


The Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh featured at ReNu MedSpa is the beauty world’s #1, most advanced, non-invasive, soft-surgery for skin lifting, skin tightening & rejuvenation device and treatment used in a number of procedures to dramatically enhance looks without the need for costly and invasive surgery.  Our plasma device and sophisticated techniques – perfected across thousands of treatments all over the world – help deliver a brighter, more contoured & youthful appearance and results from our pioneering soft-surgery, sublimation treatment are virtually immediate and incredibly long-lasting (typically 3 years).  Plasma Pen “fibroblasting” is a highly versatile and non-surgical procedure that’s stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening, and eyelid hood reduction (blepharoplasty) and it is able to treat, repair, lift and rejuvenate any area of the skin to spectacularly improve & brighten skin tone, laxity and texture, significantly tighten loose skin, and dramatically reduce, inflate & plump lines and wrinkles.


How Is Plasma Pen Different To Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Unlike laser treatment, the interaction of our nitrogen plasma with tissue is non–chromophore dependent. This means it is not reliant on interacting with the parts of our molecules responsible for color. Instead, we deliver completely predictable and fully controlled energy to the skin’s architecture and avoid the excessive collateral thermal injury associated with ablative and chromophore dependent laser tissue interaction. With laser, the orientation of new collagen is typically parallel to the surface of the skin but the collagen fibres formed by plasma line up perpendicular to the skins surface and this is their normal and most optimal orientation.


In further contrast to lasers and ablative resurfacing; our treatment is completely uniform. It does not damage surrounding tissue. The architecture of the skin remains fully intact immediately after our nitrogen plasma is delivered. There’s no thinning of the skin and no open wound.

Unlike microneedling; again there is no open wound and no blood and we benefit from a unique ability to always work at a precise and predictable depth of tissue injury. Dovetailing this with our exclusive 0.2mm and 0.4mm nano-probes and our consistent, on-demand plasma delivery; we expedite a rapid healing process with minimal downtime, fast recovery and long-lasting results of around 3 years (with many effects permanent).

Plasma Pen injures tissue precisely and in a far more predictable manner than dermabrasion or chemabrasion and there are no asymmetries or over-corrections. Most medi-aesthetic treatments target either the muscle or epidermal tissue only whereas Plasma Pen treats both the epidermal and dermal tissue in combination and to dramatic effect. We leave very natural and younger looking skin whereas laser treatments and chemical peels can often leave the skin thinner, lighter, pigmented and/or too shiny.

Before & After Photos from Real People.



“Neoepithelialisation” – the formation of new epithelial tissue – becomes visible as tiny carbon crusts which desquamate (flake off) within the framework of aftercare. This occurs rapidly after a Plasma Pen treatment and is usually complete within 3 to 7 days post-procedure. These carbon crusts serve as a natural and protective biological dressing and flake off naturally as the newly formed and rejuvenated “neoepidermis” appears.  Plasma Pen is the gift that keeps giving because, parallel to the rapid formation of new epithelial tissue (which constitutes the superficial healing process), our nitrogen plasma treatment initiates a comprehensive healing response over the coming 12 weeks. This healing process is best characterized by extensive dermal remodeling that includes neocollaenesis (new collagen synthesis), neoelastogenesis (the production of elastin), cross-linking between collagen and elastin fibrils and the reversal of elastotic change (the premature degeneration of dermal elastic tissue due to age, prolonged exposure to sunlight, glycation and many other factors.)


The inflammatory response which occurs during the healing process that we stimulate during fibroblasting also activates “M2 Macrophages”. These are white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris and decrease the inflammation we cause. We also stimulate the migration of “basal keratinocytes” to the surface of the skin. Wounds to our skin are repaired, in part, by the migration of keratinocytes from the basal layer of the skin and they help fill in the gaps created by the micro-trauma we create.  Many other exciting things happen parallel to this such as “neovascularisation” which is the formation of new blood vessels and the release of growth factors. These growth factors include “cytokines” which are small proteins that are very important in cell signaling and which help modulate our immune response, cell aging & the growth of new cells. They’re particularly important in directing our bodies response to the inflammation that we intentionally cause with Plasma Pen by stimulating cell repair and new cell production.


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