Lip Blush

Permanent makeup for lips allows you to have a permanently deeper colour and/or a permanent liner.  The procedure can transform your lips by adding definition and volume.

It is possible to create a more youthful appearance by contouring your natural lip line.  Whether you want to have a blush of colour or simply define your lip line with your natural lip colour, permanent makeup for the lips can give you the perfect natural pout.

Permanent lip contour and blush is an excellent way to enhance your natural lips with it, a perfect symmetrical border can be achieved.  You can enhance your lips’ natural color or go for something more vibrant.  Cosmetic tattooing is especially good when needling to add definition to lips.

Lip Blush is the ultimate lip treatment with amazing results.  Have permanently defined and luscious lips with a permanent lip liner and blush procedure which adds definition, shape and color.  Ideal for naturally receding, pale or think lips, or for those who want a permanently bold color for extra pout.  The liner and blush can be the same colour or include a softer lush color which is blended into the lip liner for a more natural look.