Kenalog Injections

Kenalog injections are used to fight off different inflammatory conditions like allergic skin reactions, skin disorders, severe colitis, and even cell disorders. Triamcinolone is the main hormone in Kenalog injections, and it works by decreasing your body's immune response to the different issues to calm the area.

The Kenalog Procedure

Our nurse practitioner will discuss the Kenalog injection with you before the procedure, and then once ready, the injection can be made in a variety of body locations depending on the need. The injection site and dosage depend on your condition and our professionals will help navigate this process from start to finish.

Kenalog Benefits

As stated above, Kenalog injections help with various different skin issues, reactions, and diseases, and it is particularly helpful in decreasing the amount of swelling and inflammatory symptoms a client may have due to skin issues. If you have any questions about getting a Kenalog Injection or what the benefits include, give us here at rēnu med spa a call at 919-301-8708!

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