Juvéderm Injectables

Over time, our skin loses volume. Juvéderm is another phenomenal filler, now ranked as the number 1 dermal filler in the world. At rēnu, we use Juvéderm to boost those parts of the face that tend to sag or fall with age. This injectable uses Hyaluronic acid (HA for short), which is a natural substance that provides volume to your skin.

Juvéderm Benefits

The Juvéderm products use a gel for facial tissue correction without surgery! We use this gel to fix wrinkles and folds in the face that naturally appear due to age and regular wear and tear. Juvéderm is also used to plump up lips (other wise known as lip augmentation. This amazing filler can bring volume back to your skin in no time!

Juvéderm Healing Process

Oftentimes, injectables can seem scary. But they are actually better than getting invasive surgery! While you may see results fairly fast after the procedure, there are a few side effects that may take place, such as injection-site redness, slight swelling, pain or tenderness, and possible itching. However, these mild effects (if any) will subside within 14 days of the procedure, and you can still perform your everyday activities!

In addition, no special skin care plan is needed Juvéderm is performed. Although, it is important to take care of the treatment areas following the appointment. Try to minimize strenuous exercise or heavy lifting, as well as extensive sun or heat exposure. It is also recommended that you wait 24 hours before having any alcoholic beverages. To learn more about Juvéderm injectables give us a call at 919–301–8708 or visit juvaderm.com.

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