What is a Glutathione Injection and What Benefits Does It Offer?

Glutathione is an injectable treatment that helps brighten your skin by cleansing your organs using the antioxidant Glutathione. It is a powerful anti-aging treatment that can potentially reverse the impact of free radicals on our body and prevent its attack in the first place. Unlike regular oral supplements that promise to clear your skin, a Glutathione injection boasts of a 100% absorption rate. With Glutathione, you can enjoy cosmetic rejuvenation without...continue reading

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy, also called low-power laser therapy, photobiomodulation, and low-level laser therapy, is a form of therapy that makes use of low-level wavelengths of red light for the purpose of treating skin issues such as scars, wrinkles, wounds, and other conditions. 

Skin problems can significantly lower self-esteem and impact tasks of daily living. With red light therapy in Raleigh, NC, you can regain your confidence and experience other health benefits as well. Rnu Med Spa...continue reading

Micro-Needling Pen | Renu Pen

In todays times, countless products such as gels, lotions, creams, and ointments are advertised as treatments for a variety of skin-related problems. While many of these products may be effective in the short-term, they often fail to deliver results in the long run, simply because they fail to penetrate the pores of the skin.

However, with the Renu micro-needling pen, a wide variety of skin conditions can be dealt with. The Renu Pen creates various channels through which skincare products...continue reading

How Does reVive Light Therapy Help with Pain Relief?

Physical pain is something that all of us keep encountering throughout our lives. Overexercising, accidents, and maintaining incorrect body postures are only some of the ways through which pain can be caused, and when it does, it has the potential to become a long-term problem if it is not addressed quickly.

While there exist numerous treatments for pain, one particular treatment that has become popular in recent years is the reVive Light Therapy. It is one of several...continue reading

What is a Kenalog Injection and What are the Advantages?

A Kenalog injection is used to treat inflammation in the body. The injection can treat many conditions like skin disorders, allergic reactions, colitis, eye and lung disorders, as well as inflammation in the joints. A Kenalog shot can also be used to treat skin disorders like psoriasis, lupus, and other similar autoimmune conditions.

A Kenalog injection is given to a patient in various ways. It can be injected into the space around a joint, directly into...continue reading